Posted by: OffToExplore | November 30, 2009

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

It is now 4 days past your due date. Your daddy and I would very much like to meet you. For most of the last year we have been preparing for you. We now how some lovely accommodations for you — a nice crib and nursery, as well as a co-sleeper for you in our room. Everything is nice and cozy and just waiting for you. Our cat really loves all your new things, and I think she will like you too, once she gets to know you.

You also have TONS of friends and relatives who are looking forward to meeting you. They check in all the time to see if there is news about you. So far I haven’t had much to tell them. Let’s see if we can change that very soon, OK?

Waiting for you has gotten a little uncomfortable, both mentally and physically. It is hard for me to feel comfortable, get much rest, or get anything done. Most of these facts are not going to change once you arrive, I know, but then at least we will have met you! The mental stress of not knowing when you will make an appearance is getting a little old.

You have been a stubborn one for the last 10 months, unwilling to get into good positions for ultrasounds, moving around a lot more than is comfortable, kicking me in the cervix (!), etc., so I don’t expect you to immediately come as a result of this post. I just politely ask that you consider making your appearance sooner rather than later. You coming on your own will likely be more pleasant for both of us than interventions later this week or next week.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Your mom


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