Posted by: OffToExplore | January 14, 2010

The baby on the bus goes…

Today was a big day for Baby B — her first trip on public transit. I had been invited to visit 2 other moms who had babies the same week that B was born. Since the host’s house was in downtown Harrogate, where parking can be tricky, I decided today would be the day we took our first bus ride.

I have it pretty lucky — the bus line is a 2 minute walk from our front door. Buses run every 7 minutes during the day, so one never has to stand out in the cold for too long. And the ride is a very reasonable £3 round-trip, likely equal to the cost of paid parking. The decision was easy.

So off we went. I did learn one important thing — if the bus is too crowded and there’s no nook to put the stroller, you have to wait for the next bus. I felt bad as I watched another mom try to get onto the bus but be turned away because I was already taking up the stroller room. Something to keep in mind for next time.


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