Posted by: OffToExplore | January 28, 2010

Growing up

My baby is growing up. At only 7 weeks, she can smile, laugh, and coo at me. She has outgrown her first sets of clothes. She sings along to “Werewolves of London.” She talks herself to sleep in a bassinet she will soon outgrow. Soon she will sleep through the night, be able to sleep in her own crib in her own room. Oh how I will miss having her nearby.

Today her tummy was upset, and she spent several hours just cuddled up on my chest. I could soothe her and keep her calm even though she was hurting. I know the time will come when she won’t want cuddles anymore, when I won’t be able to cheer her and distract her from her pain. But I will always keep trying, because I am her mother.


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