Posted by: OffToExplore | April 11, 2011

What She’s Like Now

Since it’s been more than a year since I last told you about her, and that’s a HUGE amount of time in the life of a child, I think it’s time to update you on Miss B.

She’s 16 months now, and she can walk, albeit with a slightly wide-legged stance. When she falls down, and it’s often, she cheerfully shouts “Boom!” dusts herself off, and gets up again. She knows how to jump and run, and it’s pretty hilarious to watch her try to do these things.

Her verbal development is incredible, beyond any reasonable expectation for a 1-year-old. She knows hundreds of words and can make herself understood to almost anyone, not just those who know her well. This week she’s started using more verb phrases, like “lie down” and “stand up,” and she can make short sentences like “I get it” or “Shut the door.”

We’ve reached the toddler “no” stage a bit early, though charmingly, B rarely actually uses the word. After months of us encouraging her to put her books back on the shelf when she is done with them, “shelf” has become her generic no. It sure sounds better when she’s loudly objecting, but it is befuddling to those around her.



  1. I’m impressed! Our child will be 18 months this month, and has a similar wide-legged stance, which is quite comical when running! He has exactly the same response to falling (although more often than not, his falls are purposeful), and he is just now managing to get off the ground with his jumps.

    “No” has become one of our son’s favorite words over the past few months, but it’s usually easy to convert to “yes”. The size (and clarity) of your daughter’s vocabulary is impressive! Ours isn’t quite so clear yet.

    It’s nice to see an update from a long-lost friend across the waters, by the way 🙂

    • It’s nice to hear from you too, James! I’ve enjoyed checking out your baby pictures from (very) afar.

  2. I have added your blog to my reader and will be visiting often. i love seeing the “mother” side of you – it’s different, tender and interesting.

  3. I read an article today about the infamous Katy Perry & Elmo video with the explanation that due to her risque apparel the project was “shelved.” I thought of B “shelving” unwanted food and annoying people!

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