Posted by: OffToExplore | May 1, 2011

Green Day

No, not the band. Rather, a day 2 weeks ago.

Firstly, I apologize for the delay in posting. I was waiting until  I could upload these pictures, but I had lost the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Bad blogger, I know.

The last two weeks have been term break here in England. Which means that all normal activities are canceled, and all special activities are crowded. So without my usual stable of things to do, we got a bit creative. With some suggestions from Grandma, we decided to do “Color Week.” Or, I suppose, this being England, “Colour Week.”

Each day we dressed in a specific color, played with toys of that color, etc. If possible, we ate food in the day’s color. We drew or painted in that color. And every day, we went for a long walk pointing out things that were the chosen color. We took lovely pictures of the local greenery.

Green plants

And most importantly, of course, the green ice cream.

Green ice cream cone

Despite the somewhat serious face, she LOVED this mint chocolate chip ice cream from Brymor. This was her first ever ice cream on a cone all of her own, and it was a big hit. So much so that it was impossible to pry the cone away, even after she had eaten it down to the base of the cone and made a big gooey mess. I finally wrestled it away as we got to the front door and quickly sucked out the remaining melted ice cream. She walked around with that empty cone for at least an hour.



  1. What a great Green Day celebration! I love the photo of her “first cone.” I suspect there is an ice cream flavor for EVERY color/colour.

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