Posted by: OffToExplore | May 12, 2011

Mother’s Day and beyond

Sorry for the silence — I’ve been playing with my new Mother’s Day presents and not blogging. R did a great job in selecting exactly what I wanted from my detailed wishlist, and he bought me a ball winder and a swift!

For the non-knitting readers, a swift is a large, umbrella-like thing you hang yarn on. Most fancier yarn comes not in balls but in hanks, which are giant, loosely tied loops. You can’t knit from these unless you have a lot of patience and, more importantly, no animals or children who might get tangled up.  Hence the swift, which holds the yarn tight. Even more fun, though less impressive looking, is the ball winder, which lets you quickly wind the yarn into a pretty looking cake with a flat bottom so it won’t roll around.

We had a great time practicing with these on Mother’s Day. B loved watching the swift spin round and round as the yarn was wound off. Perhaps she’s a future knitter — she certainly knows all about yarn, needles, and knitting. She can even spot knitted garments in books and magazines!

And of course, having wound up a fun new ball, I had to immediately cast on for a new and incredibly time consuming project — a pair of socks with a beautiful, detailed pattern. More on them soon, I hope!



  1. does this mean I won’t be seeing you here for ball winding purposes anymore? 😦 maybe you can bring your not so special yarns to wind every once in a while.

  2. Thank you for defining “swift” for me – I did not know. I love the complex pattern in the socks. Of course where I live I was thinking, hmmm make those a bit longer and they’d be fabulous tights! Happy knitting

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