Posted by: OffToExplore | July 27, 2011

Village Wanderings

I just got back from a lovely morning that is just so typical of small town British life. B and I went on a shopping spree, running a bunch of small errands in town. First, we wandered through the market getting an idea of what was available. We were on the hunt for eggs, shallots, and peanut butter. Our market, now in its 701st year, has many produce stalls, all with delicious-looking offerings. Unfortunately, none of these had shallots, so we popped into our local greengrocer to get those. We had better luck at the egg stall (6 large eggs for £1.10), and we could have had quail or duck eggs if that’s what we’d been after. We’ve tried the duck eggs before, and I find them too fishy tasting.
For peanut butter, we have to go to our local Tesco, where I can get fairly cheap peanut butter with no weird additives and no sugar. B and her daddy love this stuff, and we go through quite a bit. This week, we’re also cooking with the peanut butter, since I’m making an “African chicken stew” for dinner.
After Tesco, we wandered into our fabulous local bakery to pick up a few treats for the walk home. Though the staff there aren’t particularly friendly, the sweets more than make up for it.
Finally, we popped into the local knitting shop to hang out with the owner for a few minutes and show off the lace project I’m working on. After perusing some patterns and making a few future plans for projects, it was nap time, so we headed home for rest and cuddles.
And that, my friends, is a perfect tiny town morning. Many short stops, all within about an hour, with friendly faces at most locations. I will miss this place when we leave.



  1. That sounds lovely! I keep telling Jeremy that if he ever wants to put in for an England rotation, I’m in!

  2. Many folks don’t appreciate the wonders of their daily lives until they are gone. You are wise to marvel in the gifts of your village while they are still yours to unwrap.
    Oh and that Tesco peanut butter is totally addictive!

    • We’ve actually changed peanut butter! The one you love is Sainsbury’s, but this new one is even better. And comes in somewhat larger jars, so we don’t have to get as many/as often.

      • Bigger is better and as a Peanut Butter fan, I can’t wait to try this new taste sensation!

  3. I must state my objection to two consecutive posts containing the phrase “when we leave”! 😦

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