Posted by: OffToExplore | August 9, 2011

A chill in the air

It may sound a bit ridiculous to my US-based friends, but there’s a chill in the air that’s reminding me that my favorite seasons are about to start. We may have weeks before the leaves start to change into their vibrant fall hues, but it’s coming, I can tell. I put on socks today for the first time in ages, and I got out the extra blanket. This is pure bliss for me — I love the cozy, spicy, warmness of fall.

Yesterday we celebrated 20 months of living with Miss B. And of course, to honor that special occasion I had to bake a cake. What could be better in my current autumnal mood than a spiced apple bundt cake? Nothing. Well, nothing but one with fresh apples from a new season of crops. The apples currently available have been valiantly holding on since October or November, but you can tell that they don’t have much life in them anymore. A few new apples have started falling from our apple tree, and while they aren’t really ripe yet, I’m biding my time.



  1. happy 20 months B! You paint a pretty picture of apples and fall, it’s making me homesick 😦

  2. In Northern New England we are grabbing jackets and sweaters before we take a foggy stroll along the sea in Portland, Maine or a quick run to the supermarket in Manchester, New Hampshire. Fall isn’t here yet, but we all see it coming and I can smell that apple cake from here – mmmm!

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