Posted by: OffToExplore | December 28, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I’ve heard lots of horror stories from parents. Kids who get caught up in a present frenzy, who just demand more and more gifts, who hate a present and are not at all shy about saying so, etc. So we were prepared for a bit of drama on Christmas morning. Having just done the birthday a few weeks ago, I knew to expect slooow progress. My only goal was to try to finish all unwrapping in time to get B settled for a nap.


What I didn’t expect was a child who was so excited about the first gift (two baby elephants for the Sylvanian Families dollhouse) that she ran upstairs to play with them and that was more or less it. She didn’t want to come back down, didn’t want to open any more gifts, was just over it.

We coaxed her back down with junk food (hey, it was Christmas) and got some more presents opened, but 3 days later, we have given up and put the rest of the presents away for a future time. Hope she’s more excited for Valentine’s Day!

Our lesson: There’s no need to go overboard with gifts for a very small person, even if they are just so cute you can’t pass them up. Or at least, try to spread the gifts out. Too many is just overwhelming, and a happy Christmas can be had with just a few special gifts.



  1. And another lesson – even the smallest child can spend pre-Christmas days thinking about gifts for others (buying and making) thus learning the genuine joy of giving.

  2. Very true, and I did enjoy my gift. Though I am not sure she has the giving thing down, seeing as how she’s playing with the Hello Kitty Dream House all the time and getting very annoyed any time I put it away. But yes, it was great fun for all of us to receive the gifts she picked out for us.

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